A Review of 'Social Psychology in Sport & Exercise: Linking Theory to Practice'


Knowles, Shanmugam, and Lorimer offer their introductory text aimed at athletes, coaches, applied sport psychologists, teachers, physical activity practitioners, health care professionals, workplace managers, urban planners, and undergraduate and postgraduate students studying sport, social, and/or exercise psychology. Although aimed at a very broad audience, the text is particularly suited to practitioners operating within the contexts discussed. Similarly, the text may also be of benefit to those considering employment within those professions. For such individuals, Social Psychology in Sport and Exercise undoubtedly offers an engaging insight into the dynamics that exist within a range of sport and exercise psychology related settings, an overview of the social psychological theories relevant to said contexts, and a range of interactive case studies. Given this applied focus, the book may be useful for

Journal of Sport Psychology in Action

Full citation

Mills, JP. (2015). “A Review of “Social Psychology in Sport & Exercise: Linking Theory to Practice”.” Journal of Sport Psychology in Action, 6(2), 121–122