Conceptualising Moral Integrity: an analysis of 21 uses


Integrity is an often mentioned, but, ultimately, not well-researched concept. There are numerous attempts to conceptualise integrity within academic literature, however there is no noticeable consensus. Palanski and Yammarino (2007) made significant progress towards consolidating the different views of integrity by disentangling word-action consistency (also known as behavioural integrity [Simons, 2002]) as a key part of integrity from the overall construct. The present study follows a similar path and attempts to disentangle moral integrity from the overall construct of integrity by analysing how it is defined and used in academic literature. The integrative definition is presented.


Full citation

Mikuzis, J., Mills, J. P., & O’Gorman, R. (2022, January 19). Conceptualising Moral Integrity: an analysis of 21 uses.