'Hey, look at me' An {auto}ethnographic account of experiencing ADHD symptoms within sport


This auto-ethnography presents a reflective analysis of my experiences of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in sport. To date, research into ADHD has been largely confined to clinical evaluation and subjective interpretations. This, however, fails to advance cultural understandings and maintains the status quo. Using an autoethnographic approach, we aim to address this in-balance within sport and to give a voice to the voiceless. As an individual diagnosed with ADHD in early childhood, the first author, guided by the second author, shares and explores his experiences as both an athlete and a coach. By endeavouring to reveal the thoughts and feelings attached to key episodes within his sporting experience, the study functions to provide preliminary evidence to showcase how ADHD can impact upon those who participate in sport. Furthermore, the vignettes presented act as a vehicle to signpost the reader in accessing the available academic literature. As a result, it is hoped that this manuscript will bring further meaning to this often misunderstood condition, showcase how ADHD symptoms may present themselves within a sporting environment, and enable coaches to support those who experience similar episodes.

Qualitative Research in Sport and Exercise

Full citation

Mills, JP. and Ing, C., (2019). “Hey, look at me” An {auto}ethnographic account of experiencing ADHD symptoms within sport.. Qualitative Research in Sport and Exercise. 11 (2), 274-283